Use the links below to view our various webinars.

Health Needs Assessment

Link for our Webinar entitled Health Needs Assessment, we’ve received some excellent feedback.  This Webinar was presented by Christina Butterworth, FOHN COO.  A recording of the Webinar can be accessed via this link:


Undertaking Quality Health Surveillance

Link for our Webinar, Managing Workplace Health and Undertaking Quality Health Surveillance on Thursday 12th September 2019.  This Webinar was presented by Alison Codling, an Occupational Health Nurse working in Occupational Health and Mental Health Policy on activity linked to HSE’s health and work programme.  And Steve Forman an Accredited Specialist and Consultant in Occupational Medicine and is Principal Medical Adviser in HSE.  

We are sorry that you were unable to join us on the day however a recording of the Webinar can be viewed here:


Working Lungs

Link for our Webinar, The Working Lungs.  This Webinar was presented by David  is a Consultant NHS Respiratory Physician in Sheffield with a major clinical and research interest in occupational lung disease. He is also the Co-Director of the Centre for Workplace Health, the Chief Medical Adviser for HSE and also for HSE Northern Ireland. He is also a qualified diving physician.   A recording of the Webinar can be viewed here: